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IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

Time Management and Productivity: How to Maximize Results in a Short 12-Hour Work Day –

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We've all heard the saying--time is money. Finding the best way to make the most of your work day is extremely important and is vital in just about any field. Everyone has different tips and methods for how they can maximize their productivity at work through time management; but here are 10 tried-and-true habits to get into if you want to maximize your productivity:



  1. Plan Each Day the Night Before:
    Before you leave work every evening, make a to-do list for the next day. This will prevent things from slipping your mind the next morning and give you a jump start on taking care of these tasks in the morning.
  2. Prioritize Your Tasks:
    On your to-do list, number the items based on their importance. This will allow you to focus on items that are urgent and close to the dollar before moving onto less important tasks than can be taken care of later. 
  3. Keep a List and Cross Off Tasks When Done: 
    Check items off these lists as you complete them. This will help you keep track your progress and also allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day by seeing everything that you have been able to complete.
  4. Say "No" to Unnecessary Tasks: 
    Realize whether a task or project is necessary or not. Do not waste your time on things that are pointless or likely to go nowhere. Remember, time is money.
  5. Don't Spend Too Much Time on One Task:
    Spending too much time on a project will only get you burnt out early on in the work day. You can always revisit the project later in the day, but changing it up will allow you to refresh your mind and come back to the task with some fresh ideas and strategies later on.
  6. Limit Your Distractions:
    Shut off any distractions that will allow you to take attention away from your task or project--Facebook, Twitter, chat, etc. Use your breaks throughout the day to check on these everyday must-haves, but use your precious work time for work only.
  7. Keep a Running TIme on Tasks:
    Set a timer on your task, and move on after the time is up. Your phone is a great tool for this, and there are many free apps that are available to assist you.
  8. Take a Break When Needed:
    Breaks are important, not only for exercise of the body but also for exercise of the mind. Take a few breaks during the day, whether it is getting out of the office or walking around the building. This will allow you to refresh your body and mind and get back to work and be productive rather than lethargic.
  9. Evaluate How You're Spending Your Time:
    Use your own tips for time management and productivity. Modify them every once in a while to find what works for you, and if something isn’t working, change it! Keeping notes will help you keep track of what makes you better!
  10. Eat, Sleep, Exercise, and Repeat:
    A healthy diet, the right amount of sleep, and regular exercise are vital in making sure you stay healthy throughout the year. Getting sick does not complement your commission structure, and preventing any illness will keep you from getting behind on work and allow you to stay on top and continue your road to success!