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IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

Big Announcement: Toddler Recruiting!


Our recruiters are experts at finding the perfect candidates and placing them in jobs that bring happiness, success, and career advancement.

Unfortunately, we ran out of candidates and had to start asking how early is TOO early to start recruiting? Here at Anchor Point, we now believe starting early is the KEY to securing a future for an individual. That’s why we are excited to announce our brand new, very unique approach to recruiting: Toddler Recruitment

Tiny humans are entering the world at an alarming rate, and let’s face it, they just aren’t contributing to society fast enough. Anchor Point is here to change that!

What we’re finding is at the toddler stage, parents are far more likely to be open to sending their child elsewhere for, say, 8 hours of the day. Whether you call it “Daycare” or a “Day at the Office” is really irrelevant. After some research, here are a few positive and (potentially - probably not really) negative aspects of recruiting toddlers.


  • Extra Household Income
  • Rapid Cognitive Development
  • Free Child Care


  • Required Nap Time Clauses in Contracts
  • Frequent Write-ups for Misbehavior and Tantrums
  • Labor Law Issues

April Fools! We have plenty of candidates and are always seeking out more!
*Disclaimer* Please do not contact us for childcare services