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Executive Placement

People, Processes & Technology

People, processes and technology are at the basis of our methodology for successfully presenting the ideal candidates for Executive positions. This methodology incorporates the tools and processes to identify the right list of candidates, shortlist those candidates, and engage and present the candidates to our client. The following steps or phases walk through the basics of our methodology:


Initial client meetings allow us to develop a thorough understanding of the position and the organization. We review personal attributes that will separate the successful candidate from others in the field. The ability to determine if a candidate will thrive in an organization's unique culture sets us apart. It is during this phase that we soak in the culture and environment of our client so that we can clearly articulate to candidates the unique opportunity the company offers. By getting a clear picture of the needs of the organization, we can set our resources to finding the best executives to fill the position.


Strategy development begins with identifying similar and targeted industries, their markets and competition. We target companies that employ candidates situated in positions similar to that detailed by the position specification. Depending on the needs and relocation intentions of the client, our team of Ninja headhunters scours the globe in search of the most highly qualified individuals for the position. We utilize research directories, Executive IT Associations, third-party databases, our own internal database, social media and an expansive executive network to identify the best talent.


Here's where the real work begins: engaging the target candidates! Because most of the professionals we recruit are not actively looking for new employment, we take great measures to ensure confidentiality. The primary method we have utilized successfully to contact candidates confidentially with a high rate of response is LinkedIn InMails utilizing our LinkedIn Recruiter membership. These messages ensure the candidate feels confident that their activity is truly private. If the candidate cannot be accessed via LinkedIn InMail, we use other contact information we have obtained, such as physical address, cell phone, personal email address or business email address. Absolute discretion is observed at all times, and we do not reveal our client’s identity until the conversation has moved to a one-on-one phone conversation. From initial engagement and interest determination, we move on to conducting personal and confidential interviews with those who best meet the requirements. Candidates are evaluated on motivational factors, experience and technical qualifications and organizational fit. Anchor Point educates the prospective candidate as to the opportunities, challenges, and rewards to be gained by transition. It’s at this stage where we apply our full knowledge of the opportunity both professionally and personally to create a vision for the candidate of their future life working for our client!


We review all serious and viable candidates with the client and present their profiles in a Candidate Shortlist Summary that details professional and technical qualifications, work history, management style, strengths and other personal attributes. We recommend only those candidates who meet the agreed upon criteria and express interest in the client organization. We develop a summary, which we submit along with the resume of the shortlisted candidates detailing why we feel they would be a good fit for our client and any additional information uncovered we deem to be relevant.


Candidates who are of interest to our client from the shortlist will be selected to move forward in the interview process. Depending on the number of candidates selected and the client's preference, the initial step may involve meeting the candidate via teleconference. Following the initial interview to assess mutual interest, confidential live interviews are scheduled. The interview process typically involves meetings with multiple executives and board members. While we are happy to make recommendations, many of our clients have established interview processes which they prefer to follow. Where personality tests/profiles are utilized or desired, APTR has access to a variety of the industry standard systems and can aid in the results evaluation process.


If the client and the final candidate(s) are mutually interested, we contact references able to provide insight into a candidate's abilities, achievements and personal qualifications. We also verify the candidate's educational background, technical experience and career history. Review of this information can be useful in making a final selection if the interview process yielded more than one viable candidate.


We counsel and assist with such matters as the compensation package, contractual issues and other specific details of employment, including relocation. We are also in an ideal position to counsel both candidate and client regarding any counter-offer that the candidate's present employer may extend. Our goal is to set upfront expectations appropriately such that back-end negotiations are minimal.


While many clients have relocation assistance available through HR departments, Anchor Point is available and eager to assist in any aspect of relocation needed. We work with both the client and candidate to set onboarding expectations. This includes schedule planning for the first few days, empowering the candidate to walk in on their first day with some baseline information on the environment and staff and other planning to ensure the new executive hits the ground running.

How It Works

Tell Us What You Need  

Our customer-centered process is 100% geared towards understanding your needs. From our uniquely qualified and highly trained recruiting team to our experienced account managers, Anchor Point’s customer teams deliver with ninja-like precision. We pride ourselves on lower volume, higher quality submissions that result in a high percentage of placements, so a solid understanding of your needs is vital.

We Deliver Top Candidates  

Anchor Point’s success rate in making placements in this competitive market place is a result of an emphasis on quality candidates. We spend the extra time necessary with both the client and the candidates to ensure that you spend your time talking to highly qualified folks, not sifting through mountains of resumes.

Our Guarantee

We are confident in the high caliber and qualifications of our candidates and stand behind their performance with a satisfaction guarantee. For contract staffing, if you are not satisfied with the skills or performance of an Anchor Point resource after the first week, we will replace the resource at no charge to you for their time. For permanent placement candidates, if employment does not work out within the first 90 days, we guarantee to swiftly provide qualified replacement candidates at no charge.