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Our Bullseye Strike Process

We've formalized and coined our proprietary process for striking a bullseye each and every time for our customers' needs. The Bullseye Strike Process (BSP) is a methodology that consists of a repeatable set of steps and processes from requirement intake to fulfillment that results in the perfect candidate filling every position. The BSP methodology allows for consistency in our delivery capabilities and enhances our new recruiter bootcamp with a company-wide methodology used as part of our Paired Mentorship program.

The BSP employs a set of recruiting tools combined with processes for the steps in each and every recruiting cycle. Our investments include the industry leading applicant tracking system, our extensive internal candidate database and multiple recruiting tools including LinkedIn Recruiter for connecting with remote and passive candidates. The BSP leverages these technologies in a series of processes along the journey to the perfect placement.

The real secret sauce in the BSP methodology is the series of commitments made between our account managers, recruiting teams, customers and candidates. It creates a system of accountability that ensures that all positions are filled with a sense of urgency and wrapped in a layer of quality. If you're interested in learning more about the BSP and how it can work for your IT and engineering needs, please contact us or talk with your account manager.