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IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

5 Perfect Gifts for Everyone at the Office

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5 Perfect Gifts for Everyone in the Office (For Under $15)

The holiday season is officially here, and that means it’s the season of gift exchanges, white elephant gifts, and office parties. Picking the perfect present can be daunting, especially when buying for your boss or coworkers, so here are a couple of ideas to take away the stress of shopping and bring out the joy this season.







1.       The Dash of Inspiration.

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Who couldn’t use an extra dose of motivation with their morning cup of joe? The internet is practically bursting with coffee mugs with every possible saying or image, all it takes is a little searching to find the perfect one. Think about the person who will be receiving it when choosing your saying or image so it’s extra meaningful to them. Bonus points for filling it with their favorite candy, tea bags, instant coffee, etc.

2.       The Stress Reliever.

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Paper Source)

Everyone has the coworker who’s incredibly stressed out all the time. Help them chill out with a coloring book (or in this case, calendar), to let them unwind whenever they need a mental beak. Bonus points to this one from Paper Source, which doubles as a desktop calendar and daily doodle.

3.       The After-Work Sipper.

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For the cocktail (and/or literature) enthusiast, “Tequila Mockingbird,” a book of literary-inspired cocktails, is the perfect gift. The pun-filled cocktails include the “Moby-Drink” and the “Gin Eyre,” and it’s sure to keep your coworkers laughing as they mix up an after-work treat. Bonus points for including the ingredients to make your favorite one.


4.       The Lunch Savior.

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For the coworker who’s constantly working through lunch or reheating leftovers, these reusable grilled cheese bags let them take a plain cheese sandwich and the office toaster and magically transform them into a perfectly toasted, comforting, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. (And we bet it’ll smell much better than those burned Pizza Rolls.)

5.       The Coffee Keeper

(Image via Mr. Coffee)

Finally, no more yucky cold coffee at the bottom of your cup! For the coworker who needs a caffeine IV drip, this is the next-best option. This desktop coffee warmer keeps your mug warm all day and keeps you fully caffeinated at all times.

The season of giving doesn’t have to be stressful! A bit of thought and a little searching can yield some fabulous—and thoughtful—presents for bosses, coworkers, and employees that make them feel appreciated and valued all year long.