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IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

Using Indianapolis as a Recruiting Tool

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In the past, Indianapolis has simply been overshadowed by other large cities in the Midwest. (Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, Cincinnati)  As a recruiter, that has been a roadblock in sourcing qualified candidates for positions in the Indianapolis market.  Many companies and clients would like to see new resumes, new talent, and simply new people.  In order to make that happen, sometimes it is necessary to open the search for qualified candidates nationwide.

Hosting the Super Bowl made Indianapolis more than just an attraction to football fans across the nation.  There was an enormous buzz about how hospitable, kind, and impressive the city and people of Indianapolis were.  This has helped tear down the barrier for businesses in Indianapolis and more specifically, the staffing and recruiting industry. Massive projects are being launched all over the nation and although candidates are attracted to the compensation associated with these positions, I have also noticed their motivation to relocate to an area and city that peaks their interests. 

The NFL and other media outlets gave a positive message and outlook on the city of Indianapolis and more importantly, the culture of Indiana.  That message was heard nationwide and will be a recruiting tool in itself.  I am confident that these conversations will soon change and I will no longer hear, “Is there more than corn in Indiana?”  But instead it will be, “Indianapolis….. I have heard great things about the city of Indianapolis!”