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IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

The Recruiting Game: Skill, Need, and Timing

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As a Louisville native myself, how could I not write about the Louisville Cardinals Men’s Basketball team?

This team’s hard-fought win over Michigan in the National Championship causes one to naturally reflect about the key occurrences of the game that made a victory possible.  Michigan came at the Cards with the Player of the Year and a miraculous freshman who couldn’t miss, but key individuals from Louisville’s team found an answer even as Michigan tried to storm away with the lead.

How did the Cards weather the storm? What does this have to do with an IT recruiting firm? I’ll tell you.

In the world of IT recruiting, the competitive nature of the business allows one to make an analogy for any sport on earth where there is a winner and a loser.   As a recruiter, I am constantly battling to find the best candidates for this or that position in order to stay a step ahead of other recruiting firms around the city, state, neighboring states, and the rest of the country.  At a given moment, a candidate will only be getting one job with one company through one recruiting firm (if they choose to use a recruiting firm at all), a situation which breeds fierce competition as teams of recruiters work together to make their respective company more successful than the next. 

Each team of recruiters is made up of individual role-players.  These role-players have developed and refined their abilities to find the right candidates for the right positions at the right time, and they know how to exert these abilities for their success.  Similarly, a basketball team has individuals with both natural and developed abilities that give them prowess in their roles on their team.  Both a successful recruiter and a successful basketball player are very aware of their own strengths and the strengths of their teammates, and can recognize the proper time to apply these strengths in order to have the best chances of being successful. 

What occurred in the National Championship game was the culmination of skilled individuals exerting their abilities at the proper time. This exertion is what made Louisville successful throughout the season and throughout the tournament.  Without contributions from players such as Luke Hancock, who hit a barrage of three-pointers to answer Michigan’s offensive onslaught, Louisville could have easily been left in the dust.  Likewise, Anchor Point’s success comes from its team of skilled recruiters using their connections and their knowledge of the industry to outstrip competing recruiting firms.  In the National Championship basketball game, and the national recruiting game, success is measured by the skill of the players, and each individual player’s ability to step up at the right moments.  This combination of skill, need, and timing can make any team successful, and has made Anchor Point what it is today.