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IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

Fire in the Belly

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Have you ever left a job interview and thought you were the perfect technical fit but didn’t receive an offer? Is there more to it than just the right skill set? What intangibles are hiring managers looking for?  

I read an article recently that broke down the idea that the hiring process attempts to not only gauge skill set but also a candidate’s attitude. Organizations want to bring people on who have something to offer and are willing to learn and engage new concepts. The perfect candidate would have the skill set, the right attitude, and a desire to learn and grow. While this person may not always exist, it’s important to show the person you’re interviewing with that you have a desire to better yourself and not remain stagnant in your career. A hiring manager we work with refers to this intangible attitude piece as “fire in the belly.”

“Fire in the belly” can be explained as a go-getter, someone who is energetic and willing to tackle whatever problem comes their way.

Some of the ways this can come out in an interview is through your enthusiasm in answering questions, or giving examples of how you regularly read work-related articles to enhance your knowledge about a subject. Interviewers will also listen to the grammar and verb tense a candidate uses to help determine a candidate’s drive. I’ve even seen candidates who based on their background and experience may not appear to be a fit for a position but fill it based on drive. This article and the conversations it has spurred have led me to leave the candidates I work with  this little piece of advice: be enthusiastic and passionate about the work you’re doing and want to do.