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IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

IT & Engineering Staffing Insights

Out of the Office: Feb 6th - 10th

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The APTR team packed its bags and headed to Vail, CO to celebrate the success of the 2012 year and hit some of the best slopes in the country.

In case you didn’t know, we have a real mix of experience – both inside and outside the office. On the slopes, some of us (including myself) enjoy the steady green catwalks, while other more daring souls, John being one, test their limits on the black diamonds. Still there was room for Julie to perfect her technique at attacking moguls and for the first-time-skiers to get their bearings on a set of skis.  Best of all, no injuries!

We made a point to push each other to reach for our highest (figuratively and literally) potential in Vail and I’d say we all came back better and more confident skiers as a result.

There were nights to celebrate our unprecedented accomplishments of 2012 – these happened to be some of my favorite times. We told stories of our days on the slopes and strategized ways to make 2013 a year of success.

And like any proud Hoosiers, we managed to take over one of the local bars for the IU v. Illinois game. In a matter of minutes we had the placed transformed into Nicks on Kirkwood – or so we thought. The game didn’t end in our favor, but we managed to have a great time nonetheless. 




All in all, the trip was a great opportunity for us to grow as a team. Now, it’s time to get to work so we can have another great year at APTR.